iPhone 8 rumors refuted by fast charging Lightning report:-

All are curious to know when will the new iPhone be released in U.K, and what are the new features, what will be the difference between iPhone 7 and 7s. The rumors are on that 22017 is the 10th anniversary of the launch of the iPhone and as a result there are many hopes for the next model. Apple unveiled the new iPhone its bigger sibling the iPhone Plus during a special event fr next generation. There are many things to know about a new version of apple. Rumors are also conflicting and murky at this time. With an edge to edge design there are iPhone 8 may be similar to 4.7 inch but with a display of 5.5 inch iPhone. Rumors suggest that it will feature 5.8 display with 5.15 inches of usable area, with other dedicated viral buttons. Means there will no home button in new version. The display is said to be flexible plastic OLED rather than LCD allowing apple to a thinner device that consumes less power and offers a best display with higher contrast ratio and more true to life colors. It may also feature the ratio and more true to life colors. It may feature that are curved on both sides like Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, but there o final about this feature the edges could respond to touch gestures. As for the body, rumors suggest Apple is finally going to move away from the aluminum from last versions and will replace by glass. According to apple supplier and Catcher Technology, according to the analyst, the glass will be built out through aluminum or stainless steel frame. Well we all are curious and there is too much excitement for new version of iPhone. Like iPhone 7 new versions will also expected water resistant. But it may have an improve IP68 water resisting rate. It will hold up to rain, splashes and a brief submersion in water. All three models include glass bodies and wireless charging.

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