Verizon cuts better deal for Breach- Battered Yahoo

Verizon and Yahoo announced new terms of acquisition deal last summer. Yahoo will be responsible for 50 percent of any breach-related cash liabilities incurred as a result of non SEC government investigations and third party litigation, according to new agreement. Yahoo will be responsible for any liabilities resulting from shareholder lawsuits and their SEC investigations. In massive scale of the breaches, which came to light after deal was struck, the acquisition “makes strategic sense”. The terms of agreement provide a fair and favorable outcome for shareholders. It provides protections to both sides and delivers a clear path to close the transaction in the second quarter.

The company recently bans the users that their accounts may have been compromised as a result of a megabreach that ran from 2013 to 2014.The new deal is important step to unlock share holder value for Yahoo, and we can now move forward confidently said Yahoo CEO. The latest warning is a major blow for Yahoo, said by managing partner at Salto Partners. Verizon has to make sure it asks for a high enough discount to account for damages goods. Verizon expects the Yahoo acquisition to broaden its user and its business reach, the perfect suitor for Yahoo search. Verizon should be able to merge these assets with the corresponding technology stemming from achievement of AOL.

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