Google, Samsung, other Tech Giants Competing Hard for Infusing Artificial Intelligence

Google, Samsung, other Tech Giants Competing Hard for Infusing Artificial Intelligence

Major technology firms like Samsung, Google are in a race to combine smartphones and other internet linked devices with smart software’s that would think like people.

The effort will allow users to interact with machines just like any natural conversations telling devices to do tasks such as goods ordering, checking traffic, making restaurant bookings or information search.

The artificial intelligence (AI) component would create a world where everyone will have a virtual aide that gets to know each other more after every interaction.

Google Assistant software is being built into its recently launched Pixel handsets, looking to outdo Apple’s Siri that enables users to organise, use information on the devices and in the cloud to check emails, updates on calendar appointments or other news related to traffic and weather data. Google’s AI from its Allo messaging application similar to other mobile applications, can be installed on smartphones, and the Google Home hub, which works like Amazon’s Echo that responds to a person’s voice commands.

Samsung, the South Korean electronics giant moved its AI efforts after purchasing the US startup Viv Labs, that was launched by the creators of Apple’s Siri.  Samsung says this move is part of its effort to provide AI-based voice assistance services to customers who may use all Samsung devices and products across the world.

In 2014, Amazon had launched its Echo home assistant, a voice activated speaker, powered by its Alexa, an artificial intelligence programme.  Its users could ask information updates, order goods from the online retail giant. Echo is a connected home hub that has the ability to control compatible appliances, light bulbs and other such devices. After Echo, Amazon launched a smaller version, Dot that integrated Alexa into its Fire TV devices.

Microsoft’s personal assistant, Cortana is available on its Window devices, Xbox console and is an application on Apple iOS and Android devices. Launched in 2014, Cortana responds to requests or commands, using insights taken from calendars, contact lists, online searches to act as a real life aide.

Facebook is also heavily investing in artificial intelligence, as it is believed to be working on a personal assistant code named M.

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