Cell Phones Lessen Global Poverty

Cell Phones Lessen Global Poverty

There are now more cell phones than people on this planet and still there would be plenty of cell phones leftover, even if each man, woman and baby is given a cell phone device, says Statista (one of most successful statistics databases). In the present year, the number of global mobile connections was 7.91 billion, that is more than the world’s population of 7.125 billion.

More than 100 countries have more amount of cell phones, that outnumbers people. For example Russia, has 1.8 times more active cell phones than its residents. Brazil’s ratio is 1.2 times more. As new phone models are coming every year, this ratio will increase. Also, each person on the planet owns multiple cell phones, mostly belonging to wealthier countries.

A United Nations report said that more people have phones than access to working toilets. But having more phones is not a bad thing, as electronics and internet connected devices are increasing in the world, it will let the poverty levels go down. Mobile phones would improve poor people’s livelihoods in developing countries. The stats say, that number of people having a phone subscription is 58 per 100 people in developing countries, and that is increasing rapidly. In the most poorer countries, the subscription rate is now 25 per 100 people which got up from only 2 per 100 a few years back.

Why cell phones matter? Because cell phone devices could and has ended the work of manual labor, as with new mobile phone businesses-enterprises, people having little education and few resources are doing this job, earning revenue. The learning content available from eBooks, mobile apps and online courses has helped people to advance in society, also giving the much needed skills to compete in a global economy. But the benefits of mobile phones go well beyond access to information. The UN report, also says that that cell phones allow individuals to work outside corrupt institutions, allowing them to gather work on their own initiative.

An Economist article said that over a billion people had overcome extreme poverty in the past 20 years. But still more work is to be done, as out of the 7.125 billion people, 1.1 billion still live in extreme poverty, with earning just $1.25 a day. The mobile solution is as big tech businesses like Apple and Android are flooding the world market with phones, the technology competition is easily available to the poorest. The more phones we have, more available and affordable is this technology.


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