ARM TechCon 2016 in Santa Clara, California

ARM TechCon 2016 in Santa Clara, California

Leaders in high performance software simulation and virtual platforms, Imperas Software Ltd., announced that they will be exhibiting and delivering a technical paper at the 2016 ARM TechCon, Santa Clara, Ca., where hardware engineers and software developers will collaborate looking to start a design environment. Also the company invites attendees to register themselves for a demonstration of its embedded software development, test and debug solutions for the ARM-based systems.

The exhibit will show hundreds of connections between top-tier suppliers, ready to provide specific embedded needs. Revealing first look product demos and live keynote presentations will sure enhance the networking events that are purely designed to create an atmosphere which simply can’t be left out of time. With three days of action from Oct 25th to 27th, experts from industries and innovative game changers would connect with ARM executives, who will help connect with the ARM based strategies to help learn key technical principles of the trade.

There will be exclusive training workshops from ARM engineers focused upon giving the experience in three critical areas of hardware, software and mobile, which in turn will redefine one’s own work.

Imperas will demonstrate its early software development solutions for custom processor modeling, and more comprehensive software testing. Specific demos on Linux booting over various Cortex-A platforms, RTOS booting on Cortex-M platforms, including advanced tools such as fault simulation will also be part of Imperas showcase. Also a Japanese based developer of hypervisors, SELTECH, will be in the Imperas booth for an hour, on two of the three days exhibit, as to discuss and demonstrate their hypervisor based solutions for safety and security critical embedded systems.

ARM TechCon is not just a trade show for business; but is actually a comprehensive learning environment for whole of the embedded community so that to go ahead to the next level.


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