Technology is Effecting Relations and Making Life Stupider

Technology is Effecting Relations and Making Life Stupider

We used to be adept at figuring out how to solve problems, before the internet came and changed all our lives. Now, all we just do is sit any place typing and finding a solution (correct or not) is what the user knows or does knows about it. Our lives now are organised and addicted according to the computers, apps, smart phones, websites, etc.

What if all these things disappear tomorrow, we would be lost and there would be chaos.

Talking about addiction, we often check our phone each day, in the presence of other people, parents, friends, even while talking to them, and that this behaviour is seen all around more and more, especially with little kids who are demanding more of the newer technology.

The technology algorithms helps to identify patterns so that to predict the future and make important decisions. But in actual, we do not understand the relationship between cause and effect, but just trusting the algorithm, rather than finding the real solution to the problem.

Crowd sourcing or other outsourcing tools gathers expertise from other individuals without developing any internal know-how, meaning, without actually going through a learning experience ourselves

The World Web Wide site users have become more aggressive, as they are told that they have less time to grab attention, use this or else they would be left stranded. Breaking commercials, photos, and videos has led us to become immunised to them that were once considered as disturbing. We are unable to focus on one idea for more than a minute at a time, in response to what actually we must be doing.

Book reading has been reduced to rubble, as the youth have now been involved in with someone else’s lives texting, commenting instead of their own, making reading only to texting amongst young people. Technology distracts and disturbs, that leads to a superficial thinking. Multi-tasking is suitable for a device, but the human brain is still not too good for that. Luxury is owning an expensive device, as compared to having a skill that is lost in us.

Our attention is surely divided in respect to all of the said above, preventing us from having a richer inner life, where our thoughts are fractured, memories shaken-ed, critical and creativity thinking diminished, that is making our relationship, life, stupider and suffering, which is growing hour by hour, minute by minute and second by second.


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