Data Loss and Recovery Solutions

This article depicts general information misfortune counteractive action tips, the reasons for different sorts of information misfortune (portable PC, database, server information and tape information), and the configurations and producers upheld via Seagate Recovery Services (SRS).

What is Data Loss?

Information misfortune is by and large portrayed by one or a greater amount of the accompanying:

  • The powerlessness to get to any information from a formerly working PC framework or reinforcement
  • The coincidental cancellation of records or the overwriting of information control structures
  • Debased or out of reach records because of irregular gadget operation or harm
  • Among different causes, information misfortune can be ascribed to framework or human blunder, unfavorable ecological conditions and gadget disappointment:
  • Human reasons for information misfortune incorporate deliberate or coincidental erasure or overwriting of records.
  • Infection harm, working framework or application programming bugs or fizzled updates may likewise bring about information misfortune.
  • Regular physical reasons for information misfortune incorporate influence misfortune or influence surge, overheating, electrostatic (“static”) release and any sort of physical harm to the capacity gadget or medium.

General Data-Loss Prevention Tips

Software and Hardware

  • Report your frameworks and chronicle unique duplicates of your product in a protected spot.
  • Move down your documents all the time, then test and check that your reinforcement is a finished duplicate of the first. Outer drives are a great decision for this errand.
  • Never update programming or equipment without a complete, confirmed reinforcement accessible in the event that you have to reestablish information.
  • On the off chance that you are utilizing Microsoft Windows XP, build up System Restore Points before rolling out any noteworthy improvements to your framework.
  • Compose an emergency course of action and work on reestablishing your information in the event of issues. Your emergency course of action ought to require, as a base:
  • Finding every single accessible reinforcement, including dates and sorts of reinforcement
  • Posting and finding all unique programming bundles, itemizing redesigns since the first establishment
  • Finding and making prepared a substitute PC.
  • Conveying firewalls and infection assurance.
  • Erasing unused records and applications. Utilizing a circle defragmenter, which is a project that is typically part of the working framework utilities.


  • Guarantee legitimate ecological conditions (stable temperature, dampness and cleanliness) and appropriate taking care of to maintain a strategic distance from static release and coincidental dropping.
  • Secure frameworks physically from gatecrashers.
  • Plan for physical fiascos, including utilization of offsite stockpiling for reinforcement.

The accompanying areas depict sorts of information recuperation and bolstered organizations and makers. Assault information recuperation, advanced photograph recuperation and VMWare workstation information misfortune are secured in particular articles under “Related Links”.

Portable workstation Data Recovery

As they are frequently conveyed about and presented to various ecological elements, for example, warmth, water and clean, portable workstation and note pad PCs are much more prone to experience information misfortune than their office desktop partners. Their convenientce makes these refined and key in-the-field gadgets prime contender for information misfortune.

Mechanical and electrical disappointment, programming debasement and human mistake all assume a part in information misfortune. Here are the absolute most regularly noted information misfortune side effects and information openness issues:

  • Dropped journal – no more powers on
  • Blocked off drives and parcels
  • Applications that can’t run or load information
  • Adulterated information
  • Infection assaults
  • Hard plate segment disappointment
  • Hard plate crashes
  • Harm because of flame or fluids
  • Media surface pollution and harm
  • Inadvertent reformatting of segments
  • Inadvertent erasure of information

Tablet Disk Drives Supported

You may not know this, but rather the hard circle drive implanted in your portable workstation is not as a matter of course from the same producer as the tablet. Seagate Recovery Services recoups information from all note pad and portable PC brands, models and interfaces – that is, from a wide range of hard plate drive from all makers including Western Digital, Seagate, Toshiba, Fujitsu, Hitachi and Samsung.

Database Recovery

Mission-basic information is regularly put away in SQL Server, Oracle, Sybase, Exchange Server, Access and different databases that are kept up on arranged record servers. Social and article arranged database administration advances are key to cutting edge IT frameworks, frequently supporting the backbone applications keep running by the whole enterprise.

Singular media in database servers experience the ill effects of the same disappointment focuses as circle drives in PCs and workstations. Experienced framework chairmen and database heads realize that a social or item arranged database environment is delicate unless upheld by an exhaustive and all around tried reinforcement arrangement.

Shockingly, it is very normal for gadgets to end up degenerate past the extent of routine recuperation techniques:

  • Reinforcement documents not unmistakable by database motor
  • Database bolted as “suspect” anticipating access
  • Erased or dropped tables
  • Coincidentally erased records
  • Adulterated database documents and gadgets
  • Harmed singular information pages
  • Coincidentally overwritten database documents and gadgets

Seagate Recovery Services has practical experience in making unavailable information open at the end of the day, recouping information from the most complex database designs.

Database Types Supported

  • Microsoft SQL Server 6.5, 7.0, 2000, 2005, 2008
  • Prophet Lite, 8.x and 9.x, 10x, 11x
  • Sybase SQL Server
  • Sybase SQL Anywhere
  • Interbase
  • MySQL
  • PostgreSQL Standard Databases
  • Microsoft Access

SRS can likewise make unavailable information available again for all xbase items, for example, dBase, FoxPro Productivity Applications Microsoft Office (counting all renditions of Word, Excel and Powerpoint Mail Server and Client Applications), Microsoft Exchange and Outlook Applications, and email frameworks complying with the UNIX mbox organization, for example, Eudora and Netscape.

Server Data Recovery

Today, servers are the foundation of current business. They store the information that empowers everyday operations. Notwithstanding the way that organizations take the fundamental measures to ensure their important data, not all the insurance measures and repetition can keep the erratic. Singular media in servers experience the ill effects of the same disappointment focuses as do drives in PCs and workstations. Moreover, the expanded multifaceted nature of current server stockpiling frameworks makes more information misfortune circumstances, for example,

  • Server stockpiling framework arrangement defilement (lost config, re-initialised RAID, swapped or lost drives, and so forth.)
  • Discontinuous drive disappointment bringing about capacity, record framework and application level defilement
  • Various drive disappointment

Since servers are utilized for mission-basic operations, clients typically need to recoup their information rapidly and safely. SRS offerings incorporate choices for need taking care of, on location information recuperation, basic 24×7 administration, and also remote information recuperation and extraordinary altered arrangements. We will likely recuperate the customer’s information as fast as could be expected under the circumstances and in the most pleasing way.

SRS bolsters the dominant part of at present utilized server working frameworks, including Microsoft, Apple, diverse kinds of UNIX and Linux, AIX, Netware and some more.

Virtual Technologies

Seagate Recovery Services is going virtual and offers the full range of information recuperation alternatives for VMware (ESX/ESXi and vSphere), Microsoft (Hyper-V) and other hypervisor frameworks.

The virtual environment includes two more levels* of deliberation that expansion the many-sided quality of recuperation by including disappointment focuses Hypervisor and VM levels:

  • We can help you to recuperate lost information in the accompanying situations:
  • Virtual Disk holder debasement – full backing for VMDK and VHD compartments including anchored and scanty holders, previews, missing/adulterated base records, depictions or chain connects and tainted holder metadata
  • Ruined visitor document frameworks inside those Virtual Disk compartments
  • Ruined and/or reformatted VMFS volumes (VMFS form 2, 3 and 5), and other hypervisor-level document frameworks
  • Erased Virtual Disk compartment records from VMFS volumes and other hypervisor-level document frameworks

Tape Data Recovery

Server and PC tape reinforcement frameworks utilizing mm DAT, Travan, Exabyte 8mm, LTO and the different QIC configurations are well known and important to defend your information. In any case, when these tapes come up short, the circumstance is ordinarily calamitous, as these tapes were regularly the main outstanding vault of the information. Frequently, clients may no more have the first tape equipment or programming to reestablish from legacy situations.

Fire, smoke, water and notwithstanding dropping the tape cartridge may harm the media, bringing about information misfortune. Inner component disappointment and presentation to compelling temperatures, and additionally consistent read/compose blunders on a tape’s document may likewise bring about information misfortune. Because of the way of the tape arrangement, they are intended to withstand time to store files. A few media, if put away inaccurately or put away more than the life range of the media, may corrupt bringing on information misfortune.

Here are some average reasons for tape disappointment:

  • Tape drive disappointment has adulterated tape headers
  • Tape media extended or snapped
  • Fire and water harm Media surface pollution and harm
  • Coincidental reformatting or eradication of tape
  • Coincidental overwriting of headers
  • Tape reinforcement programming debasement
  • Media debasement because of age or dishonorable stockpiling
  • Legacy tapes where tape drive or programming is no more accessible

Configurations and Manufacturers Supported

Prevalent reinforcement programming -, for example, EMC, Networker, CA BrightStore (ArcServe) in addition to the UNIX tar and cpio utilities (and some more) – all utilization distinctive inward arrangements. SRS software engineers are expertly prepared to comprehend and extricate information from a tape media, paying little respect to arrange. SRS recoups information from the accompanying tape media configurations and producers, among others:

  • DLT III, DLT IV, DLT-1, VS80, VS160 and Super DLT tape
  • LTO 1, 2 , 3, 4, 5
  • 4mm DAT position DDS, DDS-2, DDS-3 and DDS-DAT-72, DAT-160, DAT-320
  • Exabyte 8mm 112m and 160m tapes and Mammoth 1 (Exabyte 8900), Mammoth 2
  • Sony IT and AIT-2, AIT-3 AIT-4, AIT-5 and SAIT
  • Travan TR-1, TR-3, TR-4 and TR-5 tapes
  • QIC tapes
  • QIC Mini-Cartridges
  • Tandberg SLR tapes
  • ADR and ADR2 tapes
  • 9 track 800/1600/6250 bpi
  • Next track
  • IBM 3480/3490/3592 tapes

Tape Backup and File Formats

  • Microsoft Tape Format (MTF) applications, for example, NT Backup and Symantec (Seagate/Veritas), BackupExec for Window, Backup Exec for NetWare
  • Framework Independent Data Format (SIDF) applications, for example, Novell’s Sbackup and Palindrome’s Backup Director
  • IBM Tivoli TSM
  • PC Associates, Brightstore (Arcserve)
  • Previos/Stac Replica Backup for NT, NetWare
  • EMC (Legato) NetWorker (all stages)
  • Symantec (Veritas) NetBackup, unix tar, cpio, fbackup, fsdump and ufsdump documents
  • Compaq/DEC VMS Backup
  • Commvault Galaxy/Simpana

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