You’ve understood the basic business benefit of circulating applications to temporary workers, merchants, wholesalers, and others outside your organization, yet you may have hit detours attempting to come to their unmanaged gadgets. You don’t or can’t deal with their gadgets. How would you convey the most recent item data, medicine application, administration particulars, stock redesigns, or capacity to catch orders progressively? These significant and transformative versatile applications and substance are for your broadened business accomplices, not the general population, so it’s essential that you figure out how to safely disperse them to only the general population who need them. Customary portability administration approaches can’t deal with unmanaged gadgets since, well, they require all gadgets are “under administration” by your IT association keeping in mind the end goal to convey applications. Interestingly, remain solitary versatile application administration (MAM®) applies security around simply your portable applications and content and can convey them securely to any gadget, anyplace, oversaw or not.


A main private college, with the biggest and most far reaching human services framework in its state, required an answer for circulate a huge index of applications to its differing, scattered populace (understudies, scientists, medicinal services staff), who regularly have numerous gadgets, huge numbers of which are their very own gadgets. Alongside not requiring a gadget administration profile, the college additionally required significant serenity that application security met HIPAA approaches. Apperian’s vigorous security abilities tended to their administration and HIPAA consistence prerequisites. Its combination with the college’s single sign-on accreditations, well known “application store” appearance, and usability have surpass desires achieving unmanaged gadgets. The college’s versatile applications, especially those that are human services related, are currently effortlessly screened and affirmed by the six distinctive required gatherings. As result, the college has quickened the advancement and organization of their quite asked for applications.

A Fortune 500® wellbeing administrations organization looked for a non-meddlesome approach to convey a medicine portable application to all their temporary worker doctors. Since the doctors were not workers, their gadgets were not enlisted in the organization’s EMM arrangement, and the MAM gave by EMM requires gadget administration to convey applications. The wellbeing administrations organization required an answer for achieve a heterogenous gathering of unmanaged gadgets (iOS, Android, telephone, tablet). Apperian does not require a nosy and bulky gadget profile, so they could get the application under the control of 7000 doctors rapidly and safely paying little mind to their gadget. The application supplanted an obsolete paper framework and enhanced patient results. Doctors valued the consistent experience and that it was so natural to discover and download the application. Since Apperian evacuates such a large number of cerebral pains of application administration, including application marking, application wrapping, personality combination, the Mobile Center of Excellence (MCoE) now utilizes Apperian as the arrangement of record for all application appropriation and administration.


The Apperian remain solitary MAM® arrangement makes versatile applications accessible to unmanaged gadgets by means of an undertaking application store that any client with consent can get to. Not just would you be able to control authorizations, you can likewise section clients into gatherings so that they just see the applications that are pertinent to them.

  • Device enrollment not required
  • Works alongside existing EMM and MDM solutions — no need to rip & replace
  • App security and governance that governments trust
  • Easily manage and update any app
  • No SDKs or code modifications required
  • Automate the headache of app signing

Branded, private enterprise app store At the point when those applications are on unmanaged gadgets, you can rest-guaranteed your corporate information is secure. Through application wrapping, MAM applies fine-grained approaches at the individual application level. Each application is exemplified in a virtual “holder” that holds an arrangement of security approaches. This makes an administration area at the application level that can be reached out to any gadget — even gadgets you don’t oversee.

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