Software Development for Virtual Business Machines

Software Development is the need of every Industry, a very stable way to fulfil the purpose of digitalization. Digitalization doesn’t mean that you must have a website with some content data on it. It means you’ve to attract new global clients, do business and problem solving in better way. Nothing is perfect and all things may need revision from time to time. Even from a single website to a big server need to be update from time to time. Every technology is developing very fast, the main reason of this is the Globalization of all business firms and that Globalization is only possible because of the Computer system and Internet.

Software Development is the important phase of every virtual business machine. The web application we’re using for chatting, socializing, profiling, classifying are the best example of these business machine. Although they are untouchable that’s why the exact term used for them is Virtual Business Machines.

What is Software Development?

These days we’re working on different type of machines like PC, laptop, Smartphone, tablets and embedded systems that exist only because of the Software. Software can be considered as the soul of the machine. Even a Digital Wrist watch has software that enables it to show exact time. Without software wrist watch is not worth having than a wrist band.

Software Development can be considered as the creation of new virtual business machine (Software) or modification of existing virtual business machine for the purpose of achieving business goal.

Software Project Management

SDLC sometimes narrated as Software Development Life Cycle is the Life Cycle in which a new system is created either to replace the previous system or to just take business on digital level where Software Project management is the similar term used sometimes when we present this to clients with project points of view.

Software Project Management is different from Raw Project Management and Software Development. But it covers almost 100% of software development job within itself. Every Business ventures has their own way of doing this job. But every software project management has following phase included.

  1. Conceptual Phase: In software Project management Conceptual phase can be considered when an idea to change your business into digital platform born in your mind and you believe how that would be possible. There can be lot of things happen during conceptual phase. Maybe you will just take concept of changing your current system within digital parameters. Maybe you’ll just think of a simple website that can make global recognition of your company.
  2. Research Phase: In this phase, the inventor of the concept or entrepreneur of the company takes deep study of the concept. He gather every single required details to understand the scenario from his resources and take analysis to understand how this project helkp him to get the desired goal. This is the decision phase of a Software project management, where entrepreneur approve or disapprove the project. If he’s approving the software project he’ll either appoint a Project Manager or handle the planning and other phase by himself.
  3. Planning Phase: After analysing and approving the project, we may need to plane the software. Software Development actually begins here.

We took deep study of prototype of previous system or relevant system to resolve the existing problem of the system. The main concern of this job is to overcome the problem caused in surface level or resolve the bugs of previous system.

This can either be change in just a module or change in whole software suite. This take lot of time, we decide each and everything about the coding face, design each and every algorithm to resolve ones problem. This phase requires lots of paperwork and we can only imagine a structure of the future project.

Once we decide everything in keen details then next phase begin for software development.

  1. Coding Phase: You can consider this as the implementation phase of the project, when project took the shape out from the paperwork. We can see the real output and there could be more problem waiting for us than we expect during planning phase. So this phase is dividing into two more sub phases known as Testing and Debugging.
    1. Testing: After completing one or two modules of the software, we’ve to determine whether it’s capable of doing what we’re expecting from it. If it’s doing the same way then we don’t need to change anything, if it’s not working as the way it should work then we need to take this problem to the next phase called debugging.
    2. Debugging: From the name it is clear that this phase is determined to solve the problem caused during the coding. To check the syntax errors we’ve debugger software, but to resolve logical bugs we may need to do some paperwork or experiments.
  2. Delivery and Feedback: In this phase software gets ready for clients or commercial use. We just need to do proper documentation of the software and create Application manual for operating software. After delivering this to client we may need to take feedback from the client or public (if distributed commercially) and if client is not satisfied we may need to revise it from planning phase or if he’s satisfied then we need to update the software from time to time so the purpose of software existence can be fulfilled.

These phases are included in every software project assignment and these phases ensure the success of every software project and software development job.

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